Waste Management

Waste reception

Construction and demolition waste

We receive waste from construction and demolition of buildings.

Vegetable residues

We also receive vegetable waste from, mainly parks and gardens.

Waste admitted for recovery and recycling:

Plant tissue wasteSawdust, shavingsWaste from paperWaste from cardboardConcreteMixes of concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramic materialswoodglassesPlasticsMixed MetalsBiodegradable wasteFurniture, fixtures, bulky waste
In our facilities the admission of excavation earth and any type of toxic or dangerous residueis prohibited.

Waste treatment

Recovery and recycling

The waste is subjected to a process of recovery and recycling, to obtain products resulting from a series of processes.


At Reciclados Mijas we follow the legislation and regulations in force to obtain products that guarantee compliance of quality. We have the title of authorized manager No. 207-GRU .


Those wastes that are recovered in the process of treatment, such as iron, wood, cardboard or plastic, are stored and subsequently delivered to specialized managers for proper management.

How do we do it?

Waste reception
The vehicles that transport the waste enter our facilities by first going through the scale, checking that the transported waste can be accepted.
Weighing on scale
The vehicle is weighed on a scale by our team at the entrance, and also at the exit in order to obtain the weight of the waste.
Once inside, our operators will inform customers of the area enabled for unloading waste, depending on the type of material they are transporting.
The waste discharged at the plant is classified and stored prior to recycling, rigorously separating the different types of waste.
Recycling plant
Processing and recycling of waste through specific procedures to guarantee a high quality of the products resulting from this final process.