Royal Decree 646/2020, dated 7 July, which regulates the disposal of waste by depositing it in a landfill.
Royal Decree 553/2020 of June 2, which regulates the transfer of waste within the territory of the State.
Royal Decree 506/2013, of June 28,, on fertilizer products.
Decree 73/2012, of March 22, approving the Andalusian waste regulation.
Law 22/2011, of July 28,, on waste and contaminated soils.
Royal Decree 105/2008 of February 1, which regulates the production and management of construction and demolition waste.
Law 7/2007, of July 9,, on Integrated Environmental Quality Management, modified by Decree Law 2/2020, of March 9, on the Improvement and Simplification of the Regulation for the Promotion of Activity Productive in Andalusia.